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The reasons behind companies frustration when hiring an LMS

Customers, employers, and employees are conscious about how vital the E-learning is in today’s corporate world.

We could say that implementing an LMS (Learning Management System) is indispensable for modern organizations, not only for training purposes but for internal communication and people engagement.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that any e-learning system will be a good fit for our company.

If we hire an e-learning platform just because it has an accessible price, it possibly is going to bring more problems than solutions.

It is easy to make a bad decision choosing the wrong LMS, and with the overload of current platforms and more to come, it is simple to get overwhelmed, overall, when they offer more options than needed. Before thinking about choosing an LMS, we must define which are the expectations we have and why do we want to hire an e-learning platform.

However, companies who already have purchased an LMS, and have defined clear goals, face some significant challenges, like people engagement, maintenance costs, usability, and accessibility.

What if you invest a lot of $$ in a robust platform that no one will use?.
How is the relationship with the provider of the platform after purchasing their service?.

What kind of support will you get from them?.

When you hire an LMS, you also engage with the company that provides the service, and so many companies fail in choosing the right LMS just because they chose the wrong company.

Frustration will not come during the hiring process, at that stage, you are just talking to salespeople, the nice guys that make it easy for you to buy their service, the people who make you feel that everything is possible, and all included in your package!

But then you pass the ball to your HR department or the team within your company who will put the content and set up the platform for your employees and clients to start.

At that point, communication with your provider begins to change; the platform starts to show some “bugs,” and people are not engaged with the new system.

But the worst part is that you have signed a multi-year contract, so you got to be patient and try to solve the problems as long as they come.
Although free trials are an excellent starting point, I would suggest focussing on the quality of the service is a must.

Implementing E-learning in your company is critical for the business strategy, make sure the people behind your system is highly qualified to offer technical and administrative support, make sure they are proactive and organized, so you feel that your provider is working hand-in-hand with you.

Finally, the platform is crucial in the process, so, make sure your LMS has the features you need, is customizable and can adapt to your present and future needs, is accessible using various devices, and is friendly enough, so your people enjoy spending time in in the system.