The Facebook Metaverse: Is Zuckerberg The Father Of The New World?

For many people, the metaverse is something new that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, invented.

But it really isn’t; let’s say Zuckerberg is generating controversy with a concept that is going viral, and everyone wants to talk about it.

The word metaverse sounds ambiguous, not only because it is a novel concept but because it refers to a disruptive change that will transform life as we know it today.

Origins of the “metaverse”

In the 90s, the science fiction movie ” Snow Crash presents us with a story in which computational concepts alter everyday life.

And at the beginning of this millennium, we found the ” Second Life ” project, which invites you to participate in a universe full of virtual experiences, in which each ” avatar” is free to interact with said “metaverse” in a free and autonomous way.

Is the metaverse a parallel universe?

No, the theories about parallel universes are very different, and this topic is completely speculative, for which there is no certain evidence; besides that, it is something difficult to demonstrate.

OK, I know that there are people who will tell me that this is already proven; I reiterate, this is merely speculative.

The metaverse is something that many companies have been working on for a long time, therefore it can be considered that the metaverse is being built day by day and that each company that works on it adds new ingredients.

We could say that the metaverse is a world full of VR, AU, and AI (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence) experiences.

And what role does Facebook play in all this?

Basically, Zuckerberg saw the opportunity to enter this world, and he wanted to do it through the front door.

For now, we know that Meta is planning to launch its first products starting in 2022, which will bring the metaverse to everyday life, becoming one of the first companies that will allow us to experience it.

“Facebook will do it again”

Many people who have lived in the Second Life metaverse for years have been disgusted by Zuckerberg’s attitude, especially since they feel that the metaverse should be a completely free place, where there are no centralized entities to govern it, and where the only moral value that is proposed is freedom.

The truth is that this is a reality that will open opportunities for us and that will bring changes of great impact, but it is still too early to draw definitive conclusions.

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