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We are experts in online education, offering services that meet the needs of all types of organizations.
  • Instructional content design.
  • Creation of interactive courses.
  • Administration and support of E-learning platforms.
  • We are experts in Moodle and other Learning Management Systems (LMS).

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E-learning for everyone

Our solutions are applicable to all needs, whether at a corporate or educational, or professional level.
Soluciones E-learning

We create unique learning experiences

We know that each organization is different, that is why we design solutions that are adjusted to the particular needs of each company or institution.
  • Design of e-learning courses.
  • E-learning consultancy.
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Why choose Solutto as your partner in E-learning?


We implement agile methodologies for the execution of our projects.

This guarantees a fast and organized execution.


We like to interact with our clients, we have different communication channels that allow them to be informed of what we do in each project.


At Solutto we have a great team of experts in pedagogy, graphic design, management of learning platforms and Web / Mobile development.

Results-oriented planning

We understand that success is measured by results, and the best way to obtain excellent results is by defining clear objectives according to the expectations of our clients.

Accessibility and inclusion

Our services are focused on building formative and inclusive ecosystems, in which all people can participate actively and without restrictions. We make sure to create content WCAG compliant.


At Solutto, quality comes first; We have processes that allow us to offer high-quality services, in which we consider different aspects related to the particular objectives of each client.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have a small business and I have a limited budget, how expensive can it be to implement an E-learning platform?

We are aware that many small and medium-sized companies need to optimize their training processes, but at the same time they must be very cautious with the investments they make.

Our service allows an organization to implement an educational platform starting with plans from $ 39USD per month; we also have special offers for some countries in Latin America.

Contact us for more information.

In what formats do you develop the interactive courses?

Our courses are developed in tools such as Articulate and Adobe Captivate, which allow us to export content in SCORM format.

Additionally we can implement courses in HTML5 formats if the platform does not support SCORM.

Similarly, we can integrate other tools, such as H5P and Agilly.

How long does it take to create my E-learning platform?

If you hire an E-learning platform with us, you can have it in a matter of hours.

If you need us to help you with administrative tasks, such as creating the first courses or making specific configurations to adapt it to your business model, then we will have to evaluate these requirements; but in general our clients can start using the platform in a very short time.

We have a Moodle platform and we need a provider to help us manage it. When hiring Solutto, should we migrate our Moodle to your servers?

No, if you already have a hosting provider that meets your needs, it is not necessary for us to host the platform.

We can design a specific plan that adapts to the specific needs of your organization.

If I purchase an E-learning platform, can I manage it myself?

Yes, you can manage it yourself, our services are modular and complementary.

If Moodle and Canvas are free, why should I opt for Solutto services?

There are several alternatives that allow anyone to install and configure their own online learning platforms.

Each option has different functionalities, and at the same time with different technical specifications.

When someone decides to use an open source platform they should consider the following factors:

  • You will need an infrastructure on which to mount the platform; This infrastructure must be properly configured to support a certain number of concurrent users, at the same time it must consider aspects such as performance and storage.
  • Scalability must also be considered; in other words, the way in which the servers adapt to the traffic peaks that can occur according to different variables.
  • Surely you are going to want your platform to look good and have an attractive design; for this you will need to install themes or make code adjustments.
  • You may want to integrate your platform with other systems, or perhaps add specific functionality that you cannot find in the LMS you chose.

Well, these and other considerations have been covered by Solutto , so we offer services oriented so that our clients do not have to deal with some of these aspects.

If you want to go a little deeper, you can contact us.

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