Impact of e-learning in companies growth

If we want to talk about the impact E-learning is having on the growing process of the companies, we also need to talk about the growth that E-learning has in itself.

In 1996, after the Internet boom, the big minds, company managers, and educators started creating the concept of e-learning or teaching through electronic sources, and then, in 1997, WCT (Web Course Tools) was born as the first LMS for generic usage in different educational institutions. In 2002 Moodle shows up in a scene with its first version and, at the same time, SCORM format is used to define structured pedagogical objects that allow sharing content between different platforms and educational tools, and it has been evolving from there to massive courses to electronic ink to make easier the reading experience for users.

As the e-learning platforms evolved, the interest of the companies, and not only those in the educational field but also companies established in other work areas, such as customer service and video games, started growing as they saw an opportunity to improve and evolve with them as well.

For companies, the usage of a good and efficient e-learning platform started being reflected in a number of benefits: the relation cost-benefit, as using an online training system reduces a lot of costs associated with traditional learning in a classroom, learning material, and trips, plus students being attached to schedules to receive the training. The traditional training methods to update and play materials are expensive and take a lot of time. Online training platforms allow you to update important text packages and lesson plans quickly and easily and, as they stay online, also save on printing costs.

Performance and productivity improvements: Employees need opportunities to grow; online training helps make catching up with new processes much easier and faster since traditional teaching methods consume too much valuable time that could have been used in different tasks. The use of the systems in which employee training is managed means access at any time, even from home or during leisure time at work, which guarantees that learning does not create conflict with more important or urgent tasks. Another advantage is that it allows the employee to review the information when necessary.

Convenience and flexibility: e-learning is related to eliminating limits, and one of the greatest advantages of this method is that it allows users to access courses online from anywhere with an Internet connection, removing obstacles such as coordinating the place and time, which is one of the factors that most hinder employee training. Gathering a team in one place at the same time is never simple or efficient, and e-learning helps management and the team of employees perform important updates or trainings in the stipulated time each time the requirements change.

Feedback and access to information: With an e-learning platform, learning materials are stored online, which allows employees to have access to the information at any time in case they need to answer a question or a difficult situation. Similarly, online comments can be obtained in real-time during a course, and since everything is connected, administrators can also have a detailed analysis of the performance of each employee in the courses and make an individual and more personalized follow-up, helping so to save time in the development of manual evaluations since everything is in the system and the authors of the course only need to load the correct answers, and the system will automatically generate the qualification and the results of the evaluation.

In summary and to conclude, we can determine that electronic learning systems contribute to the growth of companies in a large percentage, as they help to save time in the actions that traditional training takes, so in reality, the cost in training is less and more staff can be hired and trained in less time, which contributes not only with the growth of the company in the number of employees, but also in the quality of the hired personnel.

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