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What is it


Solutto Consulting offers a complete solution for companies, organizations, and individuals who want to sell their physical or virtual products through the Web.

These are some of the deliverables included in our solutions:

  • Installation and configuration of your eCommerce platform.
  • Implementation of the company branding in the platform.
  • Design, modifications in order to improve your user’s experience and make the platform fit each individuals niche.
  • Installation and configuration of analytical tools, which includes Facebook pixels and advertising codes.
  • Integration with Facebook catalogs and Google Merchant Center.
  • Configuration of payment methods, taxes and shipping methods.
  • Log in with Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Mobile app for your Store with your own name and brand, the app will be published in Google Play and App Store.

Below are some of the services we provide when purchasing our solutions:

  • A Project Manager who will work on the implementation of our solution.
  • We will work together with your team to make sure all of your criteria is met.
  • The UI/UX and the development teams will make the necessary adjustments to the platform.
  • Technical support will include daily backup to prevent loss of data.
  • Training.
  • Documentation
  • We provide you with a support package for content management, which could be used as support for the team responsible for your project.

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