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What is it

Cloud Migration

The Cloud is more than a technical word, it is a trend that is being adopted by millions of companies around the world.

Many companies are migrating their old and complex infrastructures to some more secure, efficient and sophisticated technologies.

These are some of the benefits why companies are migrating to the Cloud:

  • Cost efficiency: Just pay for what you use.
  • Security: Cloud infrastructure companies provide numerous tools to protect their customers’ information, they are certified in security,  meeting the highest standards required by governments and large organizations.
  • Recovery from disasters and failures: The Cloud offers multiple ways of replication, backup and restoration, which makes it possible to implement strategies to mitigate risks of information loss and system crashes.
  • Scalability: The systems in the cloud are highly scalable, which gives the flexibility to increase or decrease resources for one or more applications based on the number of concurrent users or any other criteria.
  • SaaS Solutions: Software as a Service is a concept of platforms in which no installation process is required, nor infrastructure needed; Software as a Service offers the possibility of contracting services in a flexible and much more efficient way in terms of costs.
Cloud Migration